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The First Signs of Spring

January, the endless month is almost over and spring is within sight. The first signs of spring are bursting through once more. I'm starting the year with one of our favourite winter flowers, The Snowdrop. A symbol of hope because it's the first flower to bloom at the end of winter and the start of spring.

A small white snowdrop with long white petals and a green centre. Galanthus

Over the last year, I've been on a snowdrop journey and wow there are a lot of snowdrops which I discovered when kindly asked by Chris Wiley of Sow Successful to photograph a vast collection for his new business, The Sustainable Plant Store.

Snowdrop Friar Tuck

Photographing this collection has been an absolute treat. Each snowdrop has its own unique characteristics bringing these delicate white flowers to life. Their 'faces' creating a little bit of joy as they flutter in the breeze. Even the delightfully named, Grumpy will make you smile.

Snowdrops Glen Chantress, Grumpy and Robin Hood

It wasn't long after the photoshoot, a single snowdrop bulb sold for a staggering and record breaking £1,850. Galanthus plicatus 'Golden Tears' really did live up to its reputation as the 'King of Snowdrops'. Just incredible.

Snowdrops: Fieldgate Fugue

During the photoshoot it was inevitable to have a spot of rain but thankfully just a gentle shower. I love the tiny droplets of water clinging on to the petals of this stunning snowdrop called, 'Fieldgate Fugue' with its beautifully distinguished criss-cross. It is said, the Fieldgate snowdrops are one of the most recognised. A collection of snowdrops cultivated by the galanthus cultivator Colin Mason. He loved classical music so there are references to this in their names, Fieldgate Prelude and Forte amongst others.

February marks the start of the Festival of Snowdrops around the UK with lots of gardens showcasing their collections. I will hopefully get a chance to visit some of the private gardens open to the public as part of the National Gardening Scheme. So if you spy a photographer laying on the ground it could just be me.

I'm looking forward to continuing and growing my photographic journey surrounded by plants and all things fauna during 2023 so please feel free to follow me on Instagram

To expand your own snowdrop collection, pop over to

New month: Hellebores and a retro cool photoshoot.

Catch up soon. Caroline

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