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Beauty on pause but ready to go when the whistle blows. A social distance photoshoot from within.

It came as a bit of a blow to the health and beauty industry last week with the announcement they will have to remain closed for a bit longer. Working tirelessly behind the scenes, business owners are ensuring their already scrupulously high standards of cleanliness and customer wellbeing is ever present. When it was safe to do so earlier last month, I caught up with highly qualified medical practitioner and skin specialist, Rosy Boulton, owner of Crystal Rose Skin Clinic, to photograph the changes which have been introduced to the clinic in readiness for opening. I have been photographing Rosy and the Clinic ever since the clinic was launched over 3 years ago providing imagery for treatment brochures and ad campaigns as well as documenting how the business has evolved.

Stepping back into the clinic, donned with my face mask (it’s taking some getting used to) I was greeted by Rosy’s warm and welcoming smile. The brief was to produce a set of images for her social media platforms and website to show clients visually how the clinic will look once open and put people at ease. For some of us, venturing out can still feel quite a daunting experience. It was also my first time photographing on site and to see someone who wasn’t a member of my family. Setting up the camera, Rosy filled me in on what she had been up to during lockdown. I knew she was going to keep herself very busy.

Whilst the clinic may have temporarily closed it’s doors back in March, Rosy, formally a registered nurse, returned to the front line, working gruelling 12 hour shifts, caring for seriously ill patients on the COVID-19 CCU wards at Ipswich Hospital. For those who know Rosy, her kind, genteel nature and attentiveness as a nurse would have brought a sense of calm and hope to those she cared for during this unprecedented time.

With a full understanding of COVID and how to stay safe herself, Rosy’s clinic, based within Encore Wellness, Needham Market, is ready to return once the all clear is given. From changing scrubs after each client visit, to allowing long gaps between appointments to clean equipment and adhering to guidance already drawn out by the BEIS helping businesses to get back up and running and operating safely. Step by step care procedures will be given to clients who book appointments and, as always, will be given that warm welcoming feeling once more.

“We’re all feeling a tremendous sense of trepidation, as we enter post lockdown to an uncertain new norm. So Caroline was on cue with camera to hand to help me photograph the changes made in clinic and Encore in readiness for our comeback with her usual relaxed fun style producing, once again, a set of wonderful images.” Rosy.

Crystal Rose Skin Clinic offers an extensive range of natural, minimally invasive and chemical free skin care treatments and products which are tailor made to suit your skin. Further details can be found at

For information about further treatments, sports massage and in-house fitness studio hire please visit

Hopefully, by the time I write my next blog about a recent horticultural road trip with Mr Plant Geek, the health and beauty industry will be open once again. Catch up soon, Caroline

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