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Himalayan Salt Product Photoshoot - Bloomy UK

Himalayan Salt is all a bit new to me, and had only heard about it being used in ‘hard rock’ format as salt-licks for cattle and horses due to its good source of of minerals and trace elements. I have only used white salt - a good pinch of course sea salt over hot chips at the seaside or tossed into a pan of boiling water whilst cooking pasta recounting words from my Granny, “you must toss a pinch over your left shoulder.” She had failed to tell me what follows on from this.

Swiftly moving on from throwing salt over the kitchen, to why I’m writing about Himalayan Salt. I was contacted by a client, Bloomy UK based in Coventry, via a well known social media platform to photograph their two new products which were launched this week. A large box arrived swiftly not long after a few emails were exchanged. It is a simple process, the customer send their product/s to me, I style the product using items I’ve collected over the years and would suit the product I’m photographing and then return to sender once all is complete.

Bloomy’s product needed to be photographed according to its usage but I needed to find about a bit more about the product and it’s properties first. The salt, which has been mined for thousands of years, comes from the Khewra Salt Mines, Pakistan, near the foothills of the Himalayas and historically was used for food prep and preserving. Since then it has become popular for its well-being properties.

Having read through a variety of articles, I actually think I could benefit from it; improves sleep, relaxes the body, soothes sore muscles, exfoliates the skin promoting glowing skin and it helps reduce the signs of ageing to name a few.

For product shoots by post detail please drop me a line and if you want to try Himalayan Salt, click on the link below.

Keep well and stay safe.


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