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This is me, Caroline.


I'm a freelance lifestyle, commercial and wedding photographer living in Suffolk with my husband and two young sons. I love the outdoors and being by the sea, with my best childhood adventures and outlook on life today stem from having been fortunate enough to live at Shingle Street, the most tranquil hamlet on the Suffolk Coast. 

Like many, from an early age I loved photography. Most of my school years was spent behind a camera or developing film in the darkroom. There was something magical about seeing an image appear. This was what I wanted to do however, I had a little detour on my journey to become a photographer. After leaving art school, I packed my bags and headed to York where I completed my BA (hons) Degree in Design and Technology and Art. I had specialised in jewellery design and manufacture and went onto work in the industry for a number of years. I still had a yearning to be back behind the camera so I eventually did it and here I am.

Having been trained in film photography, I've been able to mix this to create my classic style with a modern and fun feel. My work has sometimes been described as luxurious yet dreamy, simple, and ethereal. 

Caroline Horne Suffolk Photography
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